This is how you are robbed on petrol pumps … Supreme Court ordered action !!

A general customer has filed a petition in the Supreme Court to take action on the ongoing looting of petrol pumps. The Supreme Court has taken a strong view in hearing the petition and asked the central government to take immediate action. The petitioner has filed a lawsuit against the robbers who place microchips on petrol pumps.

Money is taken from the public on petrol pumps, but by smart Flickering less petrol is given. Thus petrol pump owners make Lakhs of rupees. A number of petrol pumps in Uttar Pradesh have been found to have been involved in the theft of Petrol & Diesel through chip. 

If you don’t want to fall prey from such Scams, always keep an eye on the following.
If you keep looking at meter reading, you will be scammed :- Suppose you are paying 500 rupees for petrol, it takes about 1 minute to fill 500rs petrol, while you keep focus is on the meter reading, if they switch off for even 10 seconds, then from 500 rupees Petrol is reduced to 50 to 90 Rupees.


If the meter on a petrol pump is running fast, then understand that there is something wrong here. Through the chip, the petrol pamphlets tend to tease with the meter. Always remember fill petrol on petrol pumps with digital meters.
Another thing is that to fill petrol in vehicle before it entering on the reserve mode. Many people do not know that It’s your loss by filling petrol in an empty tank. The logic of this is that whenever the vehicle comes on the reserve the tank is vacant, & more the tank is empty greater the air in it, And if you are filling the petrol in such, then you will get less petrol. 

The Supreme Court has directed the Central Government to take steps to prevent all these incidents

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